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The Uvault Video Platform

Web Management

Screenshot: The Uvault Live Streaming Console

The Live Streaming Console is where live streams are created in three steps: Set player resolution and bitrate, get publishing information, and copy & paste the player code.

The File Management Console helps organize recorded files in sub-categories for better management and reporting. Create playlists, design custom player skins, and use marketing tools to promote your videos. In addition you can:

  • Add your own commercial insertions.
  • Create special RSS feeds.
  • Add meta tags to stream records.
  • Secure streams with passwords, tokens, and geotargeting rules.
  • Use our API to build rich media applications.

Multi-User Accounts

Screenshot: multi-user account creation.

With multi-user accounts, agencies can easily manage clients, and teams of any size can collaborate.

Once an account is created, the account owner delegates access permissions to sub groups. All groups, when allowed, can contact customer service, and technical support. Group access is based on the following permissions:

  • Account Owner: The person who created the account, and has with full access rights.
  • Product Manager: Can upload video, create live streams, publish content, and access finance details if needed.
  • Finance Officer: A person who has access to invoices, and makes payments.
  • Guest Viewer: Can browse selected areas of the account, but can not modify settings.

Practical Features

Screenshot: playlist creation with preroll advertising.

Use one or more from the many features offered in the Uvault Video Platform to enhance your site visitors video experience.

All features are accessible via the Live Streaming or File Management consoles. Extensive video and step by step tutorials are provided to simplify your learning curve. Free 24/7 technical support is also included, to help customers begin using their streaming accounts.

Multi Player Embeds Closed Captioning ABR Streaming Responsive Player
Ad Free Playback Player Wizard Custom Playlists 3rd Party Players
Social Widgets RSS Feeds Watermarks Usage Reports
Enhanced Security Password Protection Geo-Targeting IP Restrictions

Usage Statistics

Screenshot: sample statistics from the Report section.

User generated reports narrow down viewers activity for understanding better playback patterns.

See media requests for live streams or archived files organized in sub-folders. Drill down results by activity range of hour/day/week/month/year. Learn about viewers geographical location and the type of playback device the've used.

Target specific statistics, create custom 3D chart layouts, print reports in a user friendly format, or export data to Microsoft Excel or equivalent program for further analysis.

Sample video: how to manage usage statistic reports:

Frequently Asked Questions

The Uvault Video Platform was designed to provide a simple to use, yet powerful workflow for creating live streams, uploading files, building playlists, adding marketing widgets, and publishing media in just few clicks. Our customers range from traditional Mom and Pop shops, to large enterprises, government agencies, and professional broadcasters.
The Uvault Video Platform is a white glove online video business service. Key features include: unlimited embed video tags on your own site, no commercials or logo insertion, design players to fit your site look & feel, marketing widgets, API for developers, and usage analytics. In addition, enhanced security for live streams limits access to viewers with valid passwords, playback requests from authorized domains, or geotargeting restrictions to specific geographical regions.
We offer two type of plans: Live Event Webcast Plans for a one time live event broadcast (pay per event model), or a traditional month to month Streaming Media Plan for live streaming and file storage (get 20% discount when paid annually). Select from the plan that best fit your needs, based on estimated data transfer and storage requirements, or contact us for free advise. You can start with a low plan and upgrade at any time by paying the difference between the plans.
Each plan comes with specific limits on data transfer and file storage. Storage limits will block uploads of new files, but we do not lock accounts that go over their data transfer limits. When your account reaches the data transfer limit, we will alert you and ask if you want to pay for the overage (in case of random usage spikes), or upgrade to a higher plan.
Yes. Streaming Media annual term plans have a "rollover data transfer" feature. For example, the BASIC plan comes with 50 GB of data transfer per month, or total of 600 GB of data transfer per year. If only 10 GB of data was used during the first month, the remaining 40 GB will rollover to the next month and the next month, until the end of the 12 months term. Data transfer does not rollover to a 2nd annual term.
All of our hosting plans include a 24/7 support service. Streaming media plans offer Email or Email + Phone support depending on the plan level. Live Event Webcast plans include Email + Phone support. Our free support service covers connectivity problems and general platform related issues. Learn how to use the Uvault Video Platform by watching tutorial videos or browsing our extensive self-served help section where you can find knowledge base articles and sample code examples.
Invoices are generated 25 days before their due date and are due on the 1st of the month. Orders received during the month will be prorated to meet the next billing cycle. We accept PayPal, bank deposits, or credit card payment from Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.
Customers can cancel their Streaming Media or Live Event Webcast plan by loggin in to the customer portal and submitting a support ticket to customer service. The account will be closed after all pending invoices are paid. Account cancellation requests must be received 15 days prior to the next billing renewal cycle. Before asking to close an account, backup your media files and print all invoices for reference.

Over 4100 clients used the Uvault video platform.
2.9 million hours streamed by Uvault in 2016.
Uvault delivered 306 million stream requests.
Our customers created + 257,000 players!

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